About Hakijamii

About Hakijamii

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Core Values

Equality and non-discrimination: We believe that human beings are born equal. We therefore work for a society where all people are treated equally irrespective of their sex/gender, age, class tribe or political orientation.

Accountability and Transparency: We uphold public trust by ensuring ethical behaviour manifested through open and prudent administration of fiscal and other resources entrusted to us. We are individually and jointly accountable for our actions and performance.

Professionalism: We are committed to the highest level of quality, professionalism, integrity and perpetual improvement of our services. We believe that novelty and learning are a foundation for change. We are therefore involved in a continual search for creative ideas to achieve our objectives.

Team work: We are devoted to working together within and beyond the Hakijamii family so as to build synergy for the realisation of our vision and mission.

Philosophy: The Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) is at the core of our work. We apply HRBA principles, which include universality, interdependence, indivisibility and equality. These principles are enshrined in international human rights instruments and the Kenyan Constitution. They are central to creating a society where there is equitable access to resources and opportunities. To realise these principles in practice we develop the capacity of marginalised communities through innovative interventions so that collectively they become agents of social transformation.

Solidarity: We principally work with marginalized communities to promote and protect their economic and social rights. We provide much-needed solidarity without taking away the agency inherent in communities.

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